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How To Get Green Bean Stardew Valley? Obtaining & Harvesting

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Stardew Valley, a popular farming simulation game, offers a wide array of crops to grow and harvest. Among these is the green bean, a vegetable that not only adds to your farm’s aesthetic but is also a valuable resource. The key to success in Stardew Valley often lies in understanding how to get and grow each crop effectively. In this case, we’ll be focusing on understanding how to get the green bean in Stardew Valley, a spring crop that is worth learning about.

What Is Green Bean In Stardew Valley?

Green beans are a unique type of vegetable that you can grow in Stardew Valley, a captivating farming simulation game. These beans aren’t just any vegetable. They come from Bean Starters, which function similarly to seeds in the game. What makes them stand out is their ability to grow only in spring.

After a growth period of roughly 10 days, they’re ready for harvesting. But unlike other crops, you can harvest them multiple times every three days. This ability makes them an excellent choice for steady harvesting throughout the spring season.


Getting your hands on green beans in Stardew Valley involves a few steps. First, you can purchase Bean Starters from Pierre’s General Store during the spring season. After buying, wait for 10 days for them to mature, and then you can start harvesting beans every few days until the end of spring. Pierre’s isn’t the only place to get Bean Starters.

How To Get Green Bean Stardew Valley

You can also procure them from JojaMart during spring or discover them at the Magic Shop Boat during the Night Market on Winter 15. Occasionally, the Traveling Cart may also offer Bean Starters. If you have surplus crops, you can use a Seed Maker to convert them into Bean Starters. Remember, green beans require a trellis for growth and continuous production after the first harvest, so you need to plan your farm layout accordingly!


Planting Green Beans (Bean Starters) in Stardew Valley during spring involves a few essential steps. If you’re starting indoors, plant the seeds around 4-2 weeks before the last frost. Once they sprout, wait for a week or two before transferring them outdoors. For outdoor planting, it’s crucial to wait until after the last frost, ensuring the soil is warm enough, ideally around 60°F. Select a sunny spot where the soil has a pH balance between 6.0 and 6.8.

Plant the Bean Starters in rows or groups, leaving space according to whether they’re bush or pole beans. If you’re growing pole beans, arrange a trellis or support for them to climb. Regular watering without overwatering is essential, and the soil should always be moist. Following these steps will ensure your green beans grow healthily in your Stardew Valley garden!


Harvesting green beans in Stardew Valley is a process that requires careful attention. To ensure a good harvest, start by nurturing your green bean plants with good soil, essential nutrients, and plenty of water. Attracting pollinators to your garden can help your plants grow faster and healthier.

How To Get Green Bean Stardew Valley - Guide

As your plants bloom, keep a close eye out for the bright green bean pods. These can blend in with the leaves, making them a bit tricky to spot. Gently move the plants to check underneath, as this is where the beans typically form. Harvest the beans when they’re young for a tender taste, or let them grow more for larger seeds and tougher pods, known as “shellies.” Before cooking, trim off the ends and remove any strings. Harvest regularly to ensure continuous production of beans.

Green Bean Uses

In Stardew Valley, green beans aren’t just a crop; they hold several uses. You can sell them for around 40g, although prices can fluctuate based on different factors. They are also essential for cooking recipes like Bean Hotpot, a delicious dish that offers energy and health boosts when consumed.

Green beans can also be combined with Cloth using the Sewing Machine to craft unique clothing items like shirts and belts that can be dyed different colors. Additionally, quests at Pierre’s General Store often require green beans. Completing these quests benefits the town and rewards you with various perks. Clearly, green beans are a versatile and valuable resource in Stardew Valley!

Tips To Optimize Green Bean Production

Growing green beans in Stardew Valley can be optimized with these handy tips. Firstly, plan your farm layout strategically, incorporating trellises for the beans to climb. Ensure you leave enough space around them for easy harvesting.

When planting, position the Bean Starters with enough room in between to facilitate growth and harvesting. Keep the soil moist by watering regularly, and use quality fertilizer to support the plant’s growth. Attract pollinators to your garden to aid in pollination, improving the health and yield of your plants.

Lastly, use high-quality Bean Starters for better yields. As you progress in the game, upgrade to superior seeds for even better results. Following these tips will maximize your green bean harvest in Stardew Valley!


Green beans are important in Stardew Valley for farming and community activities. They’re planted in spring and offer multiple harvests once they mature. You can buy Bean Starters from Pierre’s General Store, JojaMart, or special events like the Night Market and Traveling Cart. Planting them with support and watering them regularly is key. Green beans are valuable for selling, completing quests, cooking recipes like Bean Hotpot, and crafting clothing. By planning well and taking care of your crops, you can have a successful farming experience with green beans in Stardew Valley.

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