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Rimworld Leathery Stranger – Types, Using, Benefits & Risks

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In RimWorld, players have been captivated by the “Rimworld Leathery Stranger.” This mysterious character appears in the RimWorld “Anomaly” DLC and brings both good and challenging aspects to your colony. This blog post will explore this character in detail, looking at the different types of Leathery Strangers, the benefits they offer, and the risks they bring.

What Is Leathery Stranger In Rimworld?

The Leathery Stranger in Rimworld is a mysterious character with a distinguishing feature – their rough, leathery skin. This skin texture lowers the mood of your colonists, adding a layer of complexity to their presence. However, they come with a potent ability known as the “Psychic Butcher.”

Rimworld Leathery Stranger

This ability allows them to break down any pawn into basic parts and a special material known as “twisted flesh.” This twisted flesh can be harnessed to create powerful items. It’s a delicate balance of managing the unease they bring and the benefits they offer. If you refuse their request to join, beware, as they can turn hostile.

Types of Leathery Strangers

RimWorld offers a variety of Leathery Strangers, each with a unique backstory and special gear. They appear mysteriously on your map’s edge, bringing along various benefits such as perfect memory and high skills. Let’s take a closer look at some of these characters:

  1. The Dark Scholar is intelligent and provides a research bonus to your colony.
  2. The Deal Maker, with their attractive qualities, brings extra perks.
  3. The Drifter, despite having no eyes, can undergo surgery to regain sight.
  4. The Timeless One appears youthful but has a peculiar age.
  5. The Cult Escapee has a haunting past, having escaped from a cult.
  6. The Lone Genius, while difficult to get along with, is a valuable addition for their intelligence.

Each Leathery Stranger has its unique quirks, and deciding whether they should join your colony is a strategic decision.

Benefits Of Recruiting Leathery Stranger

Recruiting a Leathery Stranger can significantly benefit your colony. These characters often have high skill levels, and their perfect memory ensures they retain all their knowledge and experience. The Occultist aids with research, the Shambler Overlord can summon friendly creatures, and the Fleshcrafter can create dangerous fleshbeasts from corpses. Meanwhile, the Alchemist can transform steel into valuable materials, the Joybringer increases happiness, and the Death Refusal has the power to resurrect multiple times.

The Body Master can survive without food, sleep, or comfort, while the Psychic Butcher can instantly kill and butcher enemies, providing special types of leather like Heavy Magical Leather and Dread Leather. Butchering Leathery Strangers can also yield human leather. However, these benefits come with risks, such as the threat of dangerous fleshbeasts.

Drawbacks Of Recruiting Leathery Stranger

Leathery Strangers are known for their unpredictable nature, which can either be a boon or a curse. Recruiting these characters into your colony can trigger a series of unexpected events. Some might summon dangerous creatures or perform rituals, posing a risk to your colony’s safety. Others might have unique traits that can lead to conflicts, disrupting your colony’s harmony and morale.

Managing these characters can be a logistical challenge as well. They consume more food and require more space, adding to your colony’s resource requirements. Also, the random nature of their arrival and abilities means you might end up with a powerful ally or a burdensome liability. Another layer of complexity arises from the ethical dilemma of using their leather for crafting, a choice that can leave some players feeling uneasy.

Considerations Before Recruiting

Before you decide to welcome a Leathery Stranger into your RimWorld colony, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, ensure your colony has sufficient resources to accommodate them. Assess how their unique traits and abilities might impact your existing colonists and the overall dynamics of your community.

Rimworld Leathery Stranger Details

Weigh the potential benefits of their abilities against the possible risks, such as triggering adverse events. Another important consideration is your stance on the ethical implications of using their leather for crafting, a decision that can significantly affect your gameplay experience. Lastly, remember that Leathery Strangers can add depth to your colony’s narrative, so consider the role they could play in your game’s unfolding story.

Using Leathery Stranger In RimWorld

Successfully navigating the challenges and opportunities associated with Leathery Strangers can significantly enhance your RimWorld gameplay. Start by thoroughly assessing their skills and traits upon their arrival. Align their tasks with their abilities wherever possible, making sure to manage any potential conflicts or issues promptly.

If the stranger’s traits include summoning creatures or transmuting materials, use these capabilities strategically. If you’re comfortable with the ethical implications, their leather can be a valuable resource. However, remember that this decision could negatively impact your colonists’ morale. The Leathery Stranger’s unpredictable nature can add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your colony’s narrative, making your RimWorld experience more engaging and immersive.

Rimworld Overview

Rimworld is a sci-fi colony simulator known for its rich storytelling and challenging survival gameplay. Players manage colonists who are tasked with building and maintaining a colony on a remote planet, all while facing various threats, such as pirate raids, deadly diseases, and extreme weather conditions. The game’s narrative depth is further enhanced by the introduction of captivating characters like the enigmatic Leathery Stranger.


Leathery Stranger in RimWorld brings both exciting opportunities and tough challenges. They offer special abilities like the Psychic Butcher but can disrupt your colony with their unsettling traits. Each type of Leathery Stranger has a unique story and skills, affecting your decision to recruit them. It’s important to weigh the benefits of their abilities against the risks they bring, including ethical concerns and potential conflicts. Handling these complexities can add depth to your RimWorld story, making gameplay more engaging and unpredictable.

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