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Eiyuden Chronicle Dire Beastbone – Obtain, Craft, & Tips

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Welcome to “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes,” where quests, characters, and crafting play vital roles in your gaming adventure. One essential crafting material you’ll come across is the Dire Beastbone in Eiyuden Chronicle. This rare resource is crucial for enhancing your gameplay. This blog will explore its importance, where to find it, and how to get it to make your gaming experience even better.

What Is Dire Beastbone In Eiyuden Chronicle?

In the captivating realm of “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes,” Dire Beastbone holds a significant role. This rare crafting material, dropped by fallen beasts or obtained through special tasks at your headquarters, is a cornerstone for progression. Dire Beastbone is primarily used in crafting recipes, especially later in the game at the Drafting Table. You’ll need it to craft an improved fishing rod, construct stables for collecting rare eggs, and create a unique room.

Eiyuden Chronicle Dire Beastbone

Furthermore, Dire Beastbone is a vital component for building the Mission Guild at your headquarters. This unique edifice lets you dispatch heroes on missions to gather resources and find new allies. To erect the Mission Guild, you need one Dire Beastbone right from the inception. Thus, Dire Beastbone is a prized item that helps you unlock more rewards throughout your gameplay.

Where To Find Dire Beastbones?

In “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes,” Dire Beastbone is a sought-after material utilized for varied purposes. You can locate it in the Den of the Dunes by heading north from the entrance at Impershi’arc. After conversing with an NPC named Quinn, start your hunt for bones and fossils. Another lucrative spot is Bounty Hill, accessible after progressing the story to the Euchrisse region. Hunt for resource nodes in the central area to find Dire Beastbones.

Additionally, the Mission Guild is a reliable source for Dire Beastbones. After constructing it with 200 Food, 40 Pelts, and one Dire Beastbone, you can dispatch parties on expeditions to gather more Dire Beastbones. These expeditions typically take around 30 minutes. Remember, these bones are critical for crafting and upgrading, so make sure you gather them wisely!

How To Obtain Dire Beastbones In Eiyuden Chronicle?

In “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes,” there are two primary methods to acquire Dire Beastbone. First, embrace exploration. In Bounty Hill, which becomes accessible after reaching Euchreisse in the story, search for sparkling spots on the ground that resemble bones. These spots may yield Dire Beastbone.

Eiyuden Chronicle Dire Beastbone Details

The second method involves the Mission Guild. You require a Dire Beastbone to erect the Mission Guild at your Level 2 Headquarters. Once it’s established, you can assign heroes on missions like “Patrol mines!” to gather resources. Assign a team of four heroes to the mission and wait for 30 minutes to receive some Dire Beastbone.

For optimal results, assign a hero with the “Increase Stone Acquisition” or “Increase Party Foraging” skill to the first slot in your team. Early in the game, focus on exploring Bounty Hill after reaching Euchreisse. Later, rely on the Mission Guild to secure Dire Beastbone more effortlessly. Remember, Dire Beastbone is not just a crafting material, but also a stepping stone to build the Mission Guild, which aids in resource collection for future endeavours.

Crafting With Dire Beastbone

Crafting is an essential part of any RPG, and in “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes,” it’s no different. Dire Beastbones are a crucial ingredient in crafting powerful equipment and items. They can be used at blacksmiths or crafting stations in towns to create potent weapons. These weapons boast impressive stats and special abilities, making battles more manageable and victories more achievable.

Apart from weaponry, Dire Beastbones are also essential in crafting armor. Armor crafted with Dire Beastbones provide enhanced defense against various enemies, giving your characters the upper hand in combat. Additionally, these valuable resources are used to create accessories like rings or belts. These accessories provide bonuses such as improved critical hits or enhanced healing.

Dire Beastbones are also a crucial ingredient in alchemy, where they aid in crafting potent potions or buffs. These temporary boosts can be game-changers in battles. Finding old recipes might reveal items that require Dire Beastbones, leading to the creation of powerful artifacts or relics with unique powers. Exploring and experimenting with different crafting options is rewarding in “Eiyuden Chronicle,” thanks to Dire Beastbones.

Tips For Efficient Collection

To collect Dire Beastbone efficiently in “Eiyuden Chronicle,” two main strategies can be followed: exploration and utilization of the Mission Guild. Early exploration of Bounty Hill’s second section is recommended once you reach Euchreisse in the story. This is one of the first places where Dire Beastbone can be found, and it’s key to unlocking the Mission Guild, which will help gather more items later in the game.

As you progress in your adventure, the Mission Guild’s “Patrol mines!” mission becomes a reliable source of Dire Beastbone. Assigning heroes with skills like “Increase Stone Acquisition” or “Increase Party Foraging” will help gather more resources during this 30-minute mission. Resource spots regenerate over time, so revisiting them regularly is beneficial. Online guides from the gaming community can also provide valuable tips on where to find Dire Beastbone. With a combination of exploration, effective use of the Mission Guild, and advice from the gaming community, you’ll have an ample supply of Dire Beastbone for crafting and future challenges in “Eiyuden Chronicle.”

Eiyuden Chronicle Overview

“Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes” is an immersive RPG that offers a deep, engaging story, richly-detailed characters, and a robust crafting system. The game’s mechanics and systems are designed to engage players in a vibrant world full of challenges and surprises. The Dire Beastbone plays a significant role in enhancing gameplay, crafting powerful equipment, and overcoming obstacles. The game’s intricate mechanics, coupled with the strategic use of Dire Beastbone, provides a rewarding experience for RPG enthusiasts.


“Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes” offers a world where quests, characters, and crafting come together for an exciting gaming adventure. Dire Beastbone is a rare and crucial material needed to craft strong gear and progress in the game. Whether you find it by exploring places like Bounty Hill and the Den of the Dunes, or by sending heroes on missions through the Mission Guild, gathering Dire Beastbone is essential for improving your characters and unlocking new parts of the game. By using these strategies and exploring the game thoroughly, players can enjoy a rich experience in “Eiyuden Chronicle,” full of challenges and victories.

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